Products and services:

1. How can I open a Banco Hipotecario account?
You only have to present your personal documents (DUI and NIT) in our agencies.

2. What kind of products can I have with the bank?
Banco Hipotecario has wide accounts section and loans dispose to your projects, some of them are:

  • Saving account
  • Current account and current remunerated account
  • Child saving account.
  • Credit for transporters
  • Credit to finance business.
  • Others

3. Does the bank only offers PYME services or only mortgage credits?
No! Banco Hipotecario has a wide walter of products oriented to personal needs, like consume credit, housing credit and educational credit, others.

5. How Banco Hipotecario can help me if I’m producer?
Our wallet or related products with agroindustry is highly wide, taking different areas like: coffee, cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc.



2. How many agencies Banco Hipotecario has?
The bank has around 31 agencies distributed in San Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Ana, San Miguel, La Union, etc.

3. What departments has no agency?
At the moment only Cuscatlan, Cabañas and Morazan doesn’t have Banco Hipotecario agencies.

3. Can I only do transactions in agencies?
You can also do transactions in our mini-agencies located in Ciudad Barrios, El Coyolito and Soyapango. Also you can visit any of our box offices in “El Palacio Municipal” in Apopa, “Candelaria de la Frontera”, etc.

If you want to know more about or locations, you can follow this link: Banco Hipotecario agencies



1. I have listen that Banco Hipotecario has  E-banking, What is that?
It’s an online tool where you can access easily to your balance, do transactions o take care of your investments. It’s a free, easy and fast service.

2. What do I need to use E-banking?
When you open an account, whether a saving, current or installment payment account automatically a small amount is charged in order to use the service, you will have 24/7 service in every place around the world.

3. What is Telehipotecario service?
Another free service provided by Banco Hipotecario, where you can call to 2209-8181 and you will consult your balance, request for advisory, make payments, and other things.


Doubts, claims or suggestions:

1. What should I do if my saving account, checkbook or debit card is stolen?
You have to report it immediately calling to 2250-7000 to block or suspend the service

2. How can I recover my documents?
You have to go to a Banco Hipotecario agency and present your DUI, so you can recover your cards or checks.

3. Mi card was held by a cashier, what do I do with it?
You have to call 2250-7000 in order to make effective the process in case of theft or loss (report it and present yourself in an agency to recover it)

4. What should I don’t receive my account estatus?
You can do any of the following options:

  • Go to an agency and request your account estate
  • You can consult your estate account at home via E-banking from your house confort.
  • And finally, you can call to 2250-7000 to ask for information, whether the problem with your account estate delivery and consult it directly.


Social Responsability of Business (RSE)

Declaration: For Banco Hipotecario the creation of employment opportunities, economic growth, sustainable development, environmental performance, life quality and social responsibility of business are integral part of our business strategy.

Social Mission: Contribute to improve life quality of every of our collaborators and their families, generating grow of the institution and promoting communities sustainable development, by means of support and management of social programs and environmentals.

Social Vision: Be an economic, social and environmental responsable bank institution; committed with its interest groups in order to promote a better life quality and sustainable development opportunities.